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The Crazy Crawler series 2100 was introduced in 1940, maybe 1939, with a length of 2-3/4" and a weight of 3/4oz. This lure was originally produced by Donaly Lure Co, but Heddon bought the patent sometime in 1939. This fish catching lure came in seven cataloged colors originally, but was ultimately offered in eleven cataloged colors. The 2100 series was produced until 1957, when it was ultimately replaced by the tenite series 9120.

The "Small" Crazy Crawler series 2120 was introduced in 1941, with a length of 2-1/2" and a weight of 1/2oz. It can be found in a conetail version with just the Heddon name printed on the belly, typically known as the earliest 2120 model. It came in the same colors as the 2100, but disappeared in 1956.

The "Musky" Crazy Crawler series 2150 was introduced in 1940, with a lengh of 3-1/2" and a weight of 1oz. It came in some of the same colors as the 2100, and a different version of Yellow, Red Head and White, Red Head. It had disappeared from catalogs in 1957.

See Key Dates to help identify year produced.

Very few non-cataloged colors have been found.

I am not perfect. If you see any mistakes, please email me. The images are low resolution, but should give you a good idea. My Color Guides are printed at a much higher resoultion, which can be purchased.


BF Bullfrog Older Paint 1940 Also version with gold eyes
BF Bullfrog Gold Eye 1940 Also has gold belly dot, instead of typical yellow.
BF Bullfrog Newer Paint 1941-56
YRH Yellow, Red Head Common 1940-56
YRH Yellow, Red Head Common for 2150 1940-56
BWH Black, White Head Common 1940-56
2XS Red & White Shore Minnow* Older
(Red scale on sides)
XRW Red & White Shore Minnow Newer 1946-56
RH White, Red Head Common for 2150 1946-56
XRS Silver Shore Minnow* Common 1940-56
GM Gray Mouse* Older
with Ears
GM Gray Mouse* Newer
without Ears
GW Glow Worm Common 1940-43
XRY Yellow Shore Minnow Common 1941-43
XBW Black Shore Minnow Common 1941-43
XBW Black Shore Minnow White Eye 1941-43
2Lum Luminous Red & White Common 1941-43
CM Chipmunk* Common 1942-43

*2150 Series was offered in GM, 2XS, and YRH in 1940; XRS added in 1941; CM added in 1942; not shown in early 50's catalogs; BF, GM, RH, and YRH in 1955 and 1956


XRS. Silver Shore Minnow, Red Head 2100 & 2150 Series 1940 Very rare to find
RHF Red Head Flitter 2100 Series 1940 Very rare to find
RHF Red Head Flitter 2120 Series Mid 1950's Has yellow scales on belly
Any Non-Cataloged Colors Help

Key Dates

Red Dot on Chin, instead of Gold or Yellow 1939
Donaly Clips* 1939-41 Notice that it has NO screws
Black Eyes 1939-41 NO Red Pupil
Two Piece "Flap-Rig" Hardware  (2PC) ** 1939-46
Heddon Clips 1941-56
Red Eye Pupil Added 1942-56
Hardware Transition with 2PC Tail** 1946-49
One Piece Surface Hardware** 1950-56

*2120 Series never came with Donaly Clips
**2150 Series came in Toilet Seat Hardware

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