Thank you for considering a purchase of my Color Guides to support this site. COLOR GUIDES are temporarily unavailable at this time. PLEASE send me an email, so I can notify you when they become available. To the right of this screen you can actually type in your contact information and select the Color Guides that you would like to purchase. This will send me the appropriate information to prepare your order, so I may have it ready to ship. Click the "Submit Order" button to submit this request.
    Even though the pricing may seem complex, it is actually quite easy. The price for a double-sided is the same for two single-sided, provided they are printed on front and back. You still may request multiple single-sided Color Guides, but the cost will be only $1 less than a double-sided.

   I will assume that all single-sided Color Guides should be matched up with the like manufacturer, unless otherwise indicated in "Optional Note:" field.


Single-sided Color Guide $9
Double-sided  Color Guide $11
2 Double-sided Color Guides $20
3 Double-sided Color Guides $28
4 Double-sided Color Guides $36
5 Double-sided Color Guides $43
6 Double-sided Color Guides $50
7 Double-sided Color Guides $56
8 Double-sided Color Guides $62
9 Double-sided Color Guides $67
10 Double-sided Color Guides $72

All pricing includes first class mail within the United States.

What happens when I click the "Submit Order" button?
I will receive an email that shows me your order. I will then reply to you through email with the total cost of order and where to send payment.

How long will it take to get my order filled?
It will typically take an average of one week, once I receive payment. If you need them faster, please indicate in "Optional Note:" field.

How do I trade my lure(s) for your Color Guides?
Please type your trade information into the "Optional Note:" field. I will then confirm or decline the trade based on my current want list.

Do you accept credit cards or PayPal?
Unfortuntely, I do NOT accept credit cards or PayPal. I do accept personal checks, which require at least 5 days to clear bank, or US money orders.

How do I contact you directly?
You may either email me directly at or give me call at 513.934.2301. Please remember this is not a business, I take vacations and work just like you.

Please select all the Color Guides  you plan to purchase and fill-out your shipping information, then click the "Submit Order" button.

Creek Chub CG
Creek Chub Special CG 
Creek Chub Beetle CG
Creek Chub Tiny Tim CG
 Heddon Crazy Crawler CG
Heddon Woode Punkinseed CG
Heddon Plastic Punkinseed CG
Heddon Early River Runt CG
Heddon Early River Runt Non-Cataloged CG
Heddon Later River Runt CG
Heddon Later River Runt Non-Cataloged CG
Pflueger Pal-O-Mine CG
Shakespeare Dopey CG
Shakespeare Pup CG

RED font indicates Single-Sided,
which will be matched with other like lures for Double-Sided cost, unless indicated below.

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