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The Paw Paw Bait Company actually began as the Moonlight Bait Company sometime in 1909, headquartered in Paw Paw, Michigan. They started to use the Paw Paw name sometime in the early 1930's. I will not show or talk about the early Moonlight days, as not to confuse. They offered mainly lures, which came in many colors and styles.

This page has information on important dates, boxes, and reference reading.

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Important Dates

1909 : Started lure production using Moonlight name
1923 : Acquistion of Silver Creek Novelty Works
1927 : Transistion to Paw Paw name
1930's : Painted tack eyes
1970 : Acquired by Shakespeare


Paw Paw boxes are very collectible, especially the early 2 piece cardboard  boxes. There are far less boxes than lures, because most fisherman threw them away.

Try to match your lure with box or vice versa.

Reference Reading

Stockman, Reed & Tougas, Scott, "The Paw Paw Bait Comany: A History, Value and Identification Guide", 2004

Click Here to Order this GREAT Book.

An absolute must for any serious Paw Paw collector.

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