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The Heddon Punkinseed is probably one of the most collectible lures out there, because of their cute appearance. The first wooden Punkinseed lures started to show up in catalogs around 1940.

The Heddon Punkinseed Plastic "Spook" series started with the introduction of the 980 series Punkie Spook in 1940. The larger wooden 730 series was ultimately replaced with the 9630 Punkinseed Spook in 1950. Smaller sizes were offered as Tiny Punkinseed and Tiny Punkin-Spin. These lures are quite collectible today with their many colors and variations.

See Key Dates to help date your Punkinseed.


Series # Name and Link to Colors Material Date
740 Punkinseed "Floater" Wood 1940-43
730 Punkinseed "Sinker" Wood 1940-49
980 Fly Rod Punkie Spook Plastic 1940-47
9630 Punkinseed Spook Plastic 1950-77
9630 Reissued Punkinseed Spook Plastic 2005-2006
380 Tiny Punkinseed Plastic 1955-78
382 Tiny Punkin-Spin Plastic 1974-77


Two Piece Tail and Belly 740 & 730 1940-43  
Two Piece Tail and Surface Belly 730 1946-49  
Two Piece Tail and Surface Belly 9630 1950  
Lip Indentation* 9630 see *NOTE  
Gold Eye 9630 & 380 1950-61  
Surface Tail and Surface Belly 9630 1951-61
Bell Tail and Surface Belly 9630 1962-73  
Creme Eye 9630 & 380 1962-end  
Bell Tail and Bell Belly 9630 1974-77  

* The lip indentation on the 9630 series is correct for the 1st generation 2 pc. tail models, but when the hook hangers were changed to surface rigging at the tail it changed the balance of the lure. The lip was therefore moved forward to balance the lure but the mold did remain the same. The introduction of bell hardware in 1974 on the belly actually balanced the lure, which makes the lip indentation usable.

** The 730 series was stamped with "Heddon Sinker Punkinseed" from 1940 to 1943. After the war, they were stamped with just "Heddon Punkinseed". The 740 and 730 series were not listed in the 1946 catalog. In 1947 the 730 series was listed as   "The New Perfected Punkinseed". Heddon changed the color codes after the war, so the 730 series color codes would have been XBW, XRW, and XRY.

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