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Below are a few related web sites to collecting antique fishing items. Most of the sites that I have posted are informative. I have tried to categorize the links by the information they contain.


This is the information age, so lets start sharing information.


The below links are web sites that contain good information on collecting antique fishing items.

Anglers Antiques Great Site for C.A. Clark Co. Water Scout Collectors.

Antique Fishing Lures by Floyd Roberts, Good Information on Antique Fishing Lures.

CanadianLures.com Great Site for Antique Canadian Lure Information.

Creek Chub Surfster Experience Great Site for Creek Chub Surfter Collectors.

Heddon Crazy Crawler page from a fellow collector in Japan.

Heddon Vamps Great Site for Heddon Vamp Collectors.

Jittermania.com by Kevin Fiedler, Great Site for Jitterbug Collectors.

Lure Lore Great Site for Heddon River Runt Spook Collectors.

Mr. Lure Box by Robbie Pavey, Great site on old boxes and lures.

N.F.L.C.C. National Fishing Lure Collectors Club, which has national and regional shows.

OhioLures.net by Scott Heston on Ohio Made Fishing Lures and Tackle.

OldFishingLure.com by Matt Lollman, Good Information on Antique Fishing Lures.

OldFishingStuff.com by Phil White, Great articles and information on old tackle.

Salmon Plugs of the Pacific Northwest Information on Salmon Plugs.

SouthBendCollector.com by Marie Munson, Great site for South Bend collectors.


The below links are web sites with collections of antique fishing items from other collectors.

Marty's Mustang Page Marty McGovern's collection of Pflueger lures with information.

Arbogast and Heddon Page Takakura Kouichi's collection of Jitterbug, Hula Popper, and Heddon lures.


The below links are web sites for buying, selling, and trading of antique fishing related items.

AntiqueFishingCollectibles.com Lures For Sale and Want List.

Bill Whitesell's Home Page Lures For Sale with Pictures and Want List.

Buddys Lure Site Lures For Sale.

Fishing Compass Tackle For Sale with Pictures

Gene's JITTERBUG World to trade or purchase Arbogast and other lures.

GrumpyPup's Collectable Fishing Tackle from Glen Brewton to purchase older lures and poop sheets for catalog information.

HeddonPunkinseed.com to purchase reissued 9630 Punkinseeds.

Joe's Old Lures Great site to meet other collectors, also buy, sell, or trade.

LureExchange.com from Juan Lopez with Pictures of Lures and Sale Page.

myBaitShop.com from Keith Bell with Sale/Trade and Message Board.

R&C Antiques Lures for sale and Crazy Crawler collection.

Sam's Old Lures Lures for sale and Jitterbug collection.

Todd Long's Tackle Box Lures for sale and Chugger collection.


If you would like a link from this web page to your web site, please email me with your web link address and category. However, I do request that a link be established to my web site. All links must contain some information regarding antique fishing items.

Larry Nicholson

Send email to mrnick@tacklecollecting.com with questions or comments about this web site .

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