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The Heddon River Runt Spook series 9110 was first cataloged in 1933 with six cataloged colors. There are several sizes of the Heddon River Runt Spook lures, which came in many colors and color variations. See my pages on Early Runt Colors and Later Runt Colors.


Series # Name Size Date
340 Tiny Runt "Floating" 2-3/8" 1955-83
350 Tiny Runt "Sinking" 1-3/4" 1953-90
D350 Tiny Go-Deeper Runt 1-3/4" 1952-61
DD350 Tiny Deep-Dive Runt 1-3/4" 1962-76
950 River-Runtie Spook 1-1/4" 1937-50
9010 Midget River Runt "Sinking" 2-1/4" 1939-81
D9010 Midget Go-Deeper River Runt 2-1/4" 1940-61
DD9010 Midget Deep Dive River Runt 2-1/4" 1962-76
9020 Midgit Digit River Runt 1-5/8" 1949-76
9110 River Runt Sinker 2-1/2" 1933-81
D9110 Go-Deeper River Runt 2-1/2" 1940-61
DD9110 Deep-Dive River Runt 2-1/2" 1962-76
N9110 No-Snag River Runt 2-1/2" 1941-43
9330 Jointed River Runt Sinker 2-3/4" 1937-57
9400 River Runt Floater 3" 1935-90
DD9400 Deep Dive River Runt Floater 3" 1977-81
S-9400 Salt Water River Runt "Scooped Lip" 3" 1938
S9400 Salt Water River Runt "No Lip" 3" 1953-55
9430 Jointed River Runt Floater 3-7/8"" 1935-57
D9430 Jointed Go-Deeper River Runt 3-7/8" 1951-56

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I am not perfect. If you see any mistakes, please email me. The images are low resolution, but should give you a good idea. My Color Guides are printed at a much higher resoultion, which can be purchased.


Gold Eyes* 1933-61  
Two Piece "Flap-Rig" Hardware  (2PC) 1933-43  
Go-Deeper Lip "Scooped" 1940-49  
Hardware Transition with 2PC Tail 1946-49  
Go-Deeper Lip "Step" 1950-61  
One Piece Surface Hardware 1950-90  
Deep-Diver Lip** 1962-82  
Creme Eye*** 1962-90  

*Gold with black pupil eyes doesn't apply to certain colors during the same time frame, such as Shad, Spook-Ray, and Spook-Glow colors.
**There are variations of this lip in later years.
***Creme with black pupil eyes doesn't apply to all colors.

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