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Most Bass-Oreno colors are shown with some variations from the period of 1916 to 1953. South Bend lures came in many shades of the same color.

I am not perfect. If you see any mistakes, please email me. The images are low resolution, but should give you a good idea. My Color Guides are printed at a much higher resolution, which can be purchased.


B Black Common 1921-23
B Black , Red Eyes Common 1931
BH White Body, Blue Head Common 1919-23 CONTACT MARK MAJORS, if you want to sell a South Bend lure in this color.
BW White Body, Black Arrowhead



C Copper Common 1926-27 Has a Metallic Type Paint
F Frog



G973FO Fire Orange Common c1950
G Gold Body, Red Head Common 1919-26 Gold is hard to reproduce on computer.
GF Goldfish, Natural Scale Pagin 1928-30 This is Neat Color with a TEXTURED FINISH
GF Goldfish Scale Common 1939-42
LUM Luminous Older 1919-28? Notice that there is NO black eye shadow.
LUM Luminous Newer 1929?-53
MS Minnow Scale (Silver, Black, Red) Common 1938-42
MSF Mullet Scale (Blue) Common 1922
N Dace Scale Common 1938-42
G973NR Neon Red Common 1950
P Pike Scale Common 1927-53
PL Pearl Common 1930-42
R Solid Red Common 1916-20
R Red Body, Black Head Common 1921-40
RAIN Rainbow Common 1916-40
RB Rainbow, Blue Back Common 1941-53
RH White Body,Red Head Common 1916-42
RHA Aluminum Body, Red Head Common 1916-42
RHSS Silver Flitter, Red Head Common 1930-31 Silver Flitter may have a yellow cast from the varnish!
RS Cream Body, Red Stripes Common 1930-31 There are 4 Red Stripes on top, bottom, and sides.
RSF Red Side Scale Common 1919-42
RW White Body, Red Arrowhead Common 1932-53
RY Yellow Body, Red Arrowhead Common 1932-42
S Shiner, Natural Scale Pagin 1928-30 Varies in shades
SB Black Body, White Wave Common 1940-42
SF Green Scale Common 1919-53
G973SFG Firelacquer Green, Orange Arrowhead Common 1951-52
G973SFO Firelacquer Orange, Black Wave Common 1951-52
G973SG Saturn Green Common 1950
SH Silver Herring Scale Common 1939-42
SH Jim Pfeffer Shiner Cataloged? 1963?-67? Someone please verify this color!
G973SNR Firelacquer Red, Black Wave Common 1951-52
SRW White Body, Red Arrowhead, Black Wave Common 1940-42
SSS White Body, Flash, Red Wave Common 1940-42
SSY Yellow Body, Flash, Black Wave Common 1940-42
SY Yellow Body, Black Wave Common 1940
SZ White Body, Blue Wave Common 1940
W Strawberry Older 1916-30?
W Strawberry Common 1930?-42
WB Black Body, White Arrowhead Common 1938-42
Y Yellow Body, Red & Green Spots Older 1916-35 Even though it lists Green Spots they are actually Black.
Y Yellow Body, Red & Brown Spots Newer 1936-42
YP Yellow Perch Scale Common 1922-53
Any Cataloged Color Help with Images


Red, White, & Blue Special ? There are also later Commerative Models with painted eyes.
Mustard Yellow Special ?
Orange Body, Red Head, Black Spots Special ?
Any Non-Cataloged Color Help with Images

All colors shown were offered on the Bass-Oreno, and many other Oreno type lures. For unique colors to a particular body style, check out my pages on ...

If you can help with question marks, please email me with information from source obtained, preferably an old catalog.

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