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The William Shakespeare Jr. Company began sometime in 1897, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Shakespeare was noted early on for their reels, because this was Shakespeare's true love. They also offered lures, which came in many colors and styles.

This page has information on important dates, boxes, and reference reading.

For more history Click Here.

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Important Dates

1901 : Production of first lure
1929 : Lure codes switched from 3-digit to 4-digit, most added a 6 to old code.
1933 : Pressed Eyes
1950 : Plastic Top Box
1958 : No Lures in Catalogs
1966 : Acquired Pflueger Corporation
Current : Click Here to Visit Shakespeare On-line


Shakespeare boxes are very collectible, especially the early introduction boxes. There are far less boxes than lures, because most fisherman threw them away.

Medium 2PCCBoxSmall 2PCCBoxStamped End LabelPrinted End LabelCanadian Inglis Box

Try to match your lure with box or vice versa.

Reference Reading

No great books at this time!

A true disappointment for any serious Shakespeare collector.
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