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The River Pup series 6564 was first introduced in 1934, available in five cataloged colors. There are also many non-cataloged colors to be found. It measured 2-5/8" with a weight of 1/2oz. The lip on this lure was engraved with either   "Honor Shakespeare Built" or "Shakespeare PUP Honor Built". The 6564 series was discontinued in 1954?.

The Glo-Lite Pup series 6554 was first introduced in 1940, available in six cataloged colors. It was offered in the same size and weight as the River Pup, but it has a luminous substance molded into the tenite body.

The Submarine Pup series 6544 was only offered in 1942, available in five cataloged colors. It measured the same as the River Pup, but with a weight of 3/4oz. The lip is notably larger with an additional belly weight and name printed on belly.

I am not perfect. If you see any mistakes, please email me. The images are low resolution, but should give you a good idea. My Color Guides are printed at a much higher resolution, which can be purchased.


BG Black Back, Gold Sides, Vertical Stripes 6564 Common 1936-42 I NEED THIS COLOR!!!
BWS Black, White Head, Silver Flitter 6564 Common 1939-42
F Frog 6564 & 6544 Common 1937-53?
F Frog Glo-Lite Common 1940-53?
GPR Green Perch, Red Head 6564 & 6544 Common 1934-42
GPR Green Perch, Red Head Glo-Lite Common 1940-53?
GRN Green Back, Rainbow 6564 Common 1934-36 I NEED THIS COLOR!!!
GRW Green Back, Red Sides 6564 Common 1936-42
NP Natural Pickerel, Vertical Stripes 6564 Common 1939-42
PL Pearl 6564 Common 1934-53?
PL Pearl Glo-Lite Common 1940-53? Sometimes the blue is dark!
S Strawberry Spotted 6564 & 6544 Common 1934-53?
S Strawberry Spotted Glo-Lite Common 1940-53?
SBG Black Back, Gold Sides, White Belly 6564 Common 1940-42 I NEED THIS COLOR!!!
SF Silver Flitter 6564 & 6544 Common 1936-53? Some appear black, but same color!!!
SF Silver Flitter Glo-Lite Common 1940-53? May appear black, but it's green with silver dashes on back.
WRS Red Head Flitter 6564 & 6544 Common 1934-53?
WRS Red Head Flitter Glo-Lite Common 1940-53?
WB White, Black Head 6564 Common 1939-42 I NEED THIS COLOR!!!
Y All Yellow 6564 Common 1949-53?
YP Yellow Perch 6564 Common 1940-42


Cataloged Color Help with Images

All colors shown were offered on the Pup, but many other Shakespeare lures used the same colors and codes during the same period.


B Black 6564 Common 1940's I NEED THIS COLOR!!!
Silver Scale? 6564 Common ? I NEED THIS COLOR!!!
Silver Scale with Dot? 6564 Common ? I NEED THIS COLOR!!!


Non-Cataloged Color Help with Images


River Pup Lip c1934-38 Engraved "Honor Shakespeare Built"
Pup and Glo-Lite Pup Lip c1939-53? Engraved "Honor Shakespeare Built" or "Shakespeare PUP Honor Built" or "Shakespeare GLO-LITE PUP Honor Built"
Submarine Pup Lip c1942 Engraved "Honor Shakespeare Built"

The Pup was re-introduced in the 70's with different colors and plastic eyes.

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