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This page is intended as a recommendation of web settings for this web site. Most computers that are not older than 1995 should have no problem with these settings. You may just need to change a couple things, which I will walk you through.

Resolution and Color Settings
I highly recommend 800x600dpi resolution at the highest color setting capable of your computer. You can view at different resolutions, but images and fonts may look too large or small.

You can check or resize your screen by minimizing this screen and right clicking, then select properties. You should see a pop-up window titled Display Properties, select the tab titled Settings. Then move Screen area from Less to More, 800 by 600 pixels. Then select Colors and pick at least High Color (16bit).

I use Georgia style fonts, which are on most computers. To find out if you have this font, please compare this image with the font that your computer recognizes.

How it should look How yours looks
01georgiafont.gif (1514 bytes) Georgia 12345
Compare the two fonts!
If they match, you're OK.
If they don't match, email me.
The one on the left may appear a little bigger, but really compare the numbers.

I support most popular browsers that support Javascript, like Microsoft Explorer and Netscape Navigator. You can upgrade your version to the latest by following the below links.

Download Internet Explorer Download Netscape Navigator

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